Statement 2017

For me painting is about making and looking; process and the visual. My work stands on the belief that painting is at its most compelling when it addresses the specific strengths and unique abilities of the medium; when it concentrates on the fundamental.  
Constructions of wood, cloth and pigment exist on their own terms, created out of an engagement with painting’s essential processes and from a passion for the medium and its history. Rather than being a vehicle chosen to best deliver a message, Painting is itself the project. I am interested in making paintings that could only be paintings.
Visual art is too often the servant of obscure ideas, virtuous or otherwise. My practice is concerned with something different, something plain speaking and unmediated. Work created through an interest in materials and how they come together, through a belief that painting still offers something unique; a worthwhile pursuit for an individual but also as a practice that can be meaningfully engaged with by an audience. 

Neill Clements